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Transport is the very lifeline of Pacific Islands societies. Across the region, the need for clean, affordable, appropriate and safe air, land and sea transport is essential for all socio-economic development and well-being.

It affects every facet of connectivity — be it economic activity, government service delivery, disaster response, climate change adaption and mitigation.

Transport is the region’s largest fossil fuel user, the largest GHG emitting sector and bears the greatest cost from natural disasters.

In a world that must urgently decarbonize to combat climate change, what are the solutions, what are the challenges and how do we get there?

The Pacific has urged the world to take urgent action on climate change.

Now is the time to agree a plan for how we decarbonize at home.

Hosted by the Governments of Fiji and the Marshall Islands and The University of the South Pacific, the Ministerial Forum (8-10 Nov) and Expo (6-11 Nov) seek to:

  • Prioritise transport decarbonisation as key to climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Showcase the latest science and technology available
  • Set clear pathways for national action plans under a coordinated regional transition programme
  • Bring together stakeholders and actors from the village to the global, from governments, industry, civil society and academies.

We invite all those with interest in this critical sector to register your interest in attending and being part of the solution.

A full programme and call for posters and sponsors will follow shortly.

For further information contact:

Increasing awareness within the public and private sector of the Pacific Island Countries regarding cutting edge global technology to provide low-carbon/zero-emission transport options for public transit, non-motorized, and private vehicle and vessels modes.


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