Nihi Kids Guam Kids Talk series is a great series that gives Pacific island children the chance to ask Guam leaders the opportunity to ask important questions.

Its creators say the KIDS TALK series “gives our children access to wisdom and knowledge — direct from elders, leaders, and cultural practitioners of our islands and region. Through this series, we hope to inspire each of you to return to who we are as people of the Pacific and to cherish our elders and the traditional knowledge that they share with us.”

The series can be viewed on Nihi Kids’ Youtube channel.

Highlights include:

  • A talk with Palau highest ranking matriarch, Bilung Gloria Salii
  • Sumåhi talks with Mama Chai, a suruhåna who has practiced traditional Chamoru medicine and healing in the community for 63 years. They talk about what it takes to become a healer and why this tradition is so important to Chamorro culture.
  • “Mama Jill” and Amber Benavente about Litekyan (Ritidian), famous activists (like Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King) and the challenges of activism.
  • A counsellor about anger and health ways to deal with it
  • A talk with Guam Governor
  • Mamau talks to AJ the bird biologist about Guam’s endangered fanihi, bananas, bird poop and more!
  • A talk with canoe Builder, Rob Limtiaco
  • Palau’s highest ranking matriarch, Bilung Gloria Salii.

Visit their Youtube channel- there are weekly updates.


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