By Harrison Selman

Patrick Pedrus is the maker and host of the Micronesian Podcast, a regular podcast where he discusses a range of social issues with guests.

Highlights include:

New bill for women in FSM congress

A bill introduced by vice speaker, Senator Esmond B. Moses could guaranteed women representation in Congress.

Veterans access to health services

A new legislation introduced in the House of Representatives in May this year could help expand health services of veterans from Marshall Islands, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

This initiative applies to all the countries under the Compacts of Free Association Veterans Review Act (COFA).

At the moment there is no Health care provided and Veterans after retirement from many years of work they have to fly to Guam and Hawai just to get medical health care.

The original COFA veterans Act will be implemented in a three-year pilot program.