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RESET FIJI Season 1 Report

RESET Fiji is a policy dialogue series initiated by Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) in collaboration with Mai TV, the University of the South Pacific (USP), and Oxfam in the Pacific that opens discussions on the impact of COVID19 on Fiji’s economy and society and possible ways forward.

RESET Fiji, a public policy dialogue TV series was held in 8 consecutive weeks in the month of June through to the first week of August totaling 8 episodes. It  invigorated an economy of ideas, innovations and solutions.

It was a great success that invigorated an economy of ideas, innovations and solutions.

It required Fijian citizens to look internally to build from their greatest assets: their people, a clean healthy environment, their cultures and stories of  leadership unprecedented response.  calamity in to times of shape a series drove ownership and created a platform where its citizens discussed, owned and steered discussions and solutions to shape a post- COVID19 world.

This project has been funded by Oxfam’s Raising Pacific Voices. Raising Pacific Voices (RPV) is a three-year pilot program supported by the European Union with 2.3 million euros (FJ$5.46m) aimed at strengthening Pacific civil society organisations’ effectiveness in shaping  regional and international policy-making.

Published by Raising Pacific Voices