• Expressions of Interest will close on: 16 JANUARY 2023  at 5PM FIJI Time [GMT+12]
  • Location of role: Based in any of these countries – Fiji, Solomon Islands or Vanuatu
  • Term: 90 days maximum (January to July)
  • Reporting to: Manager PACCCIL Project
  • Terms Of Reference  is available for download
  • Please contact Recruitment Co-Ordinator Divono Vakatale for any questions: [email protected]

      All applications must be lodged online only via this BambooHR platform



Oxfam is a world-wide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty. In the Pacific, we work with our partners to ensure that Pacific Islander women and men (specifically those that are poor, marginalized or excluded) are leading and shaping their development and that their voices are heard, and acted on by those in power. Oxfam’s Pacific regional office is based in Suva, Fiji also serving as the Fiji country office and the base for remote cluster management of the Polynesia/Micronesia country office. We also have Country offices in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Oxfam in the Pacific (OIP) has embarked on a new regional climate change program in 2018 called the Pacific Islands Climate Change Collaboration, Influencing and Learning (PACCCIL) project. This is a four-year (2018 – 2022) project fully funded by the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) with a year of Project Extension granted in 2021 for the project to end in June 2023.

The project’s goal is to strengthen the influencing capacity of local civil society actors and networks to ensure that actions on climate change in the Pacific region is more effective, inclusive and collaborative. The project works with key climate change action networks in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands at the regional level, as well as facilitate the organizing and collective action of civil society actors in the Polynesia and Micronesia sub-regions against climate change.

To achieve its goal, the PACCCIL project has three key outcomes:

  1. Pacific civil society networks effectively influence national, regional, and global climate change and disaster policy and practice.
  2. Civil society, government and private sector collaborate on a range of climate change and disaster issues.
  3. Research, information, good practice, and evidence-based learning from the project is used to create climate smart policy and practice in the region

 Purpose and Structure

Through PACCCIL, OiP provides financial support via funding of the Secretariat positions for VCAN and SICAN and certain activities from the financial year of 2018/19 to date. In the project Mid-Term Review a key recommendation alluded to the strengthening of Communications within the project to increase visibility as well as externally in relation to partner engagement. Strengthening the capacity of partners in Communications and Media to also increase visibility and credibility of partners. Through these recommendations the Project was able to justify a full-time position of a Project Communications Officer. However, this position was not fully activated as the project was utilizing the Regional Communications Support Officer for OiP who was also being remunerated under the project through a short-term consultancy for the Impact Stories Booklet as well as the Pre- COP and COP27 Engagement.

With those key work successfully implemented the project is now ready to work with communications personnel but through a consultancy contract. With the upcoming key activities underway for 2023 namely:

  1. The Redesign of PACCCIL
  2. Annual Reflection
  3. Learning Products Developed
  4. Exit Workshop
  5. Socialization of the CJ Strategy
  6. Project Report

The project is adamant that it will need a specialized and experienced Communications Personnel with Influencing Capacity for the final months of project implementation before the first phase comes to a close.

Scope of Work:

  1. Tasks and Activities:
    The service provider is to deliver the following work:
  • Provide the necessary technical Communications and Media support to OiP CJ Lead and PACCCIL Project Manager in the socialization of the CJ Strategy.
  • Support the Project Manager in ensuring the communications and media work around the redesign is delivered according to the Terms of Reference and that stakeholders involved are well informed of the processes and plans.
  • Work with the MEAL Coordinator in the planning and visibility of the Annual Reflection Event and activities relating to it.
  • Lead in the consolidation of the PACCCIL Project Repot for Phase 1. This will include design and layout, content as well as providing look and feel samples for the report.
  • Develop a Communications and Learning Strategy for PACCCIL 2.0
  • Develop and Finalize Learning and Communications Products for the Project.
  • Provide the necessary technical media and communications support on the Exit workshop of the Project.

2. Drafts:
The service provider shall:

  • Provide a draft of the design and layout copy for review by Oxfam on a date as agreed.
  • Incorporate all comments on the design and layout as provided by Oxfam

3. Formats:
The service provider will provide the final products, via electronic communication (email) and using Box, Google Drive or similar large file transfer systems, which shall include the following:

  • Original version of graphically designed material.
  • All artwork used in high resolution.
  • Print- ready version of the document in PDF (high resolution).
  • PDF versions for website and electronic distribution (low resolution).
  • Detailed print specifications; and
  • One printed hard copy of the final version, if requested.

4. Work relationships:

The service provider shall deliver on the assignment as per the tasks listed in above. The Consultant will liaise directly with the Project Manager in the completion of various stages of the activities.

Duration and timing

This work will be carried between the January – July with a total of 90 working days. This is equivalent to 15 days of work per month. This is to ensure that on-going work for the consultant concurrent to this consultancy is taken care of and that the reports and deliverables go through a thorough review before it is finalized within working timeline.

The final Project Report is to be final task for the consultant.


Resources to move the deliverables of the consultant will be provided by the Project Manager as on boarding takes place.

Payment Schedule

The assignment will cover 108 days from January – July. Interests to provide quotations for assessment.

Desired Competencies, Technical Backgrounds and Experience:

  • At least a Degree in English or Communications at university level, but any further formal qualifications above this required level is helpful.
  • Some experience in advocacy and influencing work in the International Development Sector.
  • At least eight years of experience in handling publications, media, and content development.
  • Some level of strategic communications and social media engagement.
  • Some experience in developing Learning Strategies
  • Competencies: Excellent understanding and command of English at the native level, Plain English writing and editing skills.
  • Has worked in the Pacific Region with a valid passport


The risks to this project are minimal and not internal to the nature of the assignment. However, consultations with the organization and partner affiliates often take time and this may delay the delivery of the draft product to the service provider. Also, consultations impose further time obligations as Oxfam needs to timely engage and make the changes to the draft document.

To reduce risks associated with the delay caused by the review process, Oxfam will attempt to send completed draft products to departments without any delay and will also immediately attend to any feedback received during the consultation process. This should maximize Oxfam’s interaction with partners and other stakeholders and ensure that work can be completed on time.

How to Apply

Send in:

  • Expression of Interest (EoI) with Proposed online research methodology and Brief Work Plan
  • A results-oriented curriculum-vitae (CV) detailing specific Communications Reviews and Portfolios with evidence of conducting qualitative reviews in previous assignments.
  • Two reference letters (if available at the time of EoI)
  • Drop the application via the Link provided