• Expressions of Interest will close on: 5PM (GMT+11) | FRIDAY | 07 APRIL 2023
  • Location of role: Preferably to be based in Solomon Islands
  • Term: 25 days maximum (April to May)
  • Reporting to: Manager Pacific Islands Climate Change Collaboration, Influencing & Learning (PACCCIL) Project
  • Terms of Reference is available for download
  • Please contact Recruitment Co-Ordinator Divono Vakatale for any questions: [email protected]


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Given PACCCIL role supporting the establishment of networks and implement activities that strengthen their capacity the project strives to ensure that SICAN deliver on its goal

To ensure that SICAN is strategically relevant and is founded with vision and clear objectives, PACCCIL recognizes and support the value of developing a strategic plan to strengthen their approach considering internal and external factors that impact SICAN’s long term work and ensuring its sustainability.

Therefore, the key role of the strategic development consultant will be:

  1. To facilitate the development of the strategic roadmap and the network’s key priority areas of engagement and collaboration through:
    • partnership/networking including engagement with Private Sector
    • influencing/ advocacy
    • resource mobilization in its climate action and resilience building work in Solomon Islands.
  2. To identify an effective approach to sustain its governance and administration and financial systems.


PACCCIL believes that SICAN staffs, executive committee, SICAN members, Government stakeholders and development agencies are at the centre of this strategic planning effort, helping to assess ways in which to strengthen the impact of the organisation, providing direct input into consultations.

The consultancy will be working with PACCCIL in the Solomon Islands team and SICAN Secretariats, SICAN Executive members, SICAN network members, PACCCIL staffs, sub national stakeholders. Oxfam will be part of the audience as it played a crucial role as partner/broker facilitator role in establishing the Solomon Islands climate Action Network through the PACCCIL project.

Scope of the work:

The plan must demonstrate and articulate on partnership and engagement with civil society organisations, faith-based organisations, community-based organisations, Government at the national and sub national level and community level and SICAN’s engagement with youths, marginalised women and men and people living with disabilities to enhance and strengthen its climate action work and resilience building in the Solomon islands.

Meaningful realization of SICAN’s goal and objectives drawing from best practices within similar strategic plans in other climate action networks at national and regional level. Elements of the plan will include but not limited to:

  • Develop a sound methodology that grounds the strategic plan that is informed through the analysis for SICAN’s current operations.
  • Conduct a needs assessment of SICAN including a situational analysis to identify constraints and opportunities for growth and development.
  • Develop plans and strategies with clear deliverables and indicators.
  • Suggests a budget for the implementation of the strategy, of the strategic plan for 2023-2025
  • Recommend M&E plan to measure the progress of the Strategy.

Specific tasks:

The consultant will:

  • Carry out desktop review of documents relevant to an understanding of the organisation, mandates, legal frameworks, and context of SICAN
  • Conduct direct consultation with SICAN members, relevant Stakeholders and Government agencies
  • Review existing national climate change strategies/actions, laws and policies on climate change and disaster resilience and Governing NGOs in this sector and include these in developing strategic actions
  • Conduct needs assessments of SICAN, which shall include a review of the existing structure, engagement, and sustainability with a view of future expansion to be components of the final strategy

Deliverable outputs:

  • A three-year strategy with a clear deliverables, key milestone, and direct guidance on implementation to strengthen the “Solomon Islands Climate Action Network” vision.
  • External environment assessment and internal environment assessment of the stakeholders/SWOT analysis
  • Establish specific vision, mission, goals, and objectives including outcomes, outputs and activities
  • Conduct workshop and validation of the strategic plan to SICAN Executive, Secretariat and Oxfam PACCCIL team


The consultant shall conduct desktop review, review of relevant literatures and will require to travel for field visits in selected areas.

Document review: this will include PACCCIL pager, story toolkit, SICAN pager, SICAN database, SICAN constitution, quarterly newsletters

Key informant interviews- PACCCIL Staff_ (virtual & Face to Face), SICAN Secretariat- (Face to face), SICAN members- one on one interview with Sub-national and National stakeholders’, consultations will also require travel to identified sites.

In addition to the methodology, the consultant shall develop and present jointly to the PACCCIL team and SICAN secretariat and network members of a detailed methodology and workplan on how this will be conducted.

Data collection methods will consist of qualitative techniques, including secondary review of data from documentation and collection of primary data interviews.


PACCCIL is looking for the services of a professional consultant to develop a three-year strategic plan. The firm/individual must possess the following:

  • Relevant work experience in strategic planning & development
  • Excellent and proven analytical and strategic skills
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and work with minimum supervision
  • Possess knowledge in general climate change and disaster resilience
  • Familiarity in working with national, regional, and international organisations with familiarity on grassroots development issues in Solomon Islands
  • Familiarity in working with national, sub national and regional pacific civil society organisations and Governments
  • Good research skills
  • A clear and succinct writer.
  • Has the ability to analyse, synthesize and summarize complex information
  • Availability from April-May 2023


This work will be carried out between April to May 2023 for the duration of 25 days.

This is to ensure that ongoing work for the consultant concurrent to this consultancy is also taken care of and that the report goes through a thorough review before it is finalized with the 25 working days.

The final strategic plan shall be submitted no later than end of May 2023.


  • PACCCIL project design
  • SICAN pager
  • SICAN Constitution
  • Project midterm and partnership review documents


Planning and Coordination 

  • Consultancy planning and coordination on information gathering and analysis
  • Organize consultation meetings with Oxfam/PACCCIL/Kotui, SICAN Executive, Secretariat and Network members, Government and Private sectors
  • Confirmation of agreed timeline and deliverables

Consultancy deliverables-initial draft document

  • Data collection- consultation meetings with Oxfam/PACCCIL Solomon Islands project /Kōtui SI program, SICAN Executive, secretariat, network members other stakeholders
  • Oxfam/PACCCIL, SICAN Secretariat involve in the review to read and comment on draft

Present findings and validation

  • Consultant to consolidate all comments and edits received and finalize for validation
  • Final strategic plan submitted for review
  • Presentation to of findings with PACCCIL SI Coordinator

Payment Schedule:

The assignment will cover 25 days, consultants are encouraged to provide their proposed rates.  Communications and logistical arrangements will be provided for 10 days at an additional cost. A separate invoice is to be provided at the end of the assignment detailing this cost.

The latter payments will be disbursed based on the schedule below:

Institutional Arrangements

  • The consultant (he/she) must be a Solomon Islander any pacific islander based in Honiara
  • The consultant is to provide his/her own laptop or computer for the assignment
  • All deliverables must be submitted for review by PACCCIL in Solomon Coordinator with the support from Kotui Solomon Islands Project Manager, and SICAN Coordinator
  • The consultant will be required to travel in and around Honiara under the conditions of travel determined by Oxfam