Vatu Mauri Consortium ( VMC) hemi saenem wan 3 yia Patnasip Akrimen wetem Oxfam Pacific mo Pacific Disability Forum blong wok tugeta blong save bildimap wan sustainable governance, akaontability mo Influencing ol diferen partners long development work we yumi stap mekem finis. Funding hemi kam long European Union long NSA grants wetem bigfala sapot blong PRINGO ( Pacific Regional International NGOs).

So with this partnership agreement, the 3 countries ie; The Marshall Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu will host this ‘ pilot project’ with the ideal focus of investing in good governance , accountability and influencing partnerships for sustainable development.

Each of the 3 countries will host a Raising Pacific Voices staff whose capacity needs will be supported by Oxfam for at least 3 years.

The plan is to roll out and influence at least 10 countries in the Pacific region. It is a great investment as the trained or human resource end product will be able to join other 10 experts to build and strengthen CSOs in our beautiful region. It is a dynamic project and VMC is very grateful for this opportunity.

We will off course be engaging all our people , using the network of the 4 councils VNCW, VCC, VNYC, VMCC and VHRC.

At least we do not want to see anyone left behind!

Congratulations long yumi everyone ol CSOs mo communities long Vanuatu!