SOME 2694 families are expected to benefit from the Cash Transfer Programme distributions beginning on Thursday, December 6 for displaced members of Ambae Island who are currently living on Santo.

The program is being administered by Oxfam in Vanuatu office with donor support from the New Zealand Government and the Cargill Foundation of the United States. Oxfam has partnered with Sanma Province, Luganville Municipality, DLA, Vanuatu Red Cross, VDPA, as well as ANZ and NBV banks, to deliver the program.

Simeon Alan Tarinako has a message to the government and people of New Zealand: ‘thank you very much for assisting us the people of Ambae.’ He is among the 32 beneficiaries located in the Wharf Terminal building in Santo that received cash last month.

Oxfam’s cash transfer program is assisting displaced members of Ambae Island communities.

“This week, in coordination with our financial service providers of the Vanuatu National Bank and ANZ Bank we will be covering 100 per cent of evacuee communities located in Sanma Province,” said Sandra Hart of Oxfam’s Vanuatu team in Santo.

“Previously, most of the recipients used their funds to buy much needed supplies in local stores and markets in Luganville, while some opted to save and deposit the money in their designated bank accounts.”

This month’s distribution will begin on Thursday and continue through to December 14.

This cash transfer program will cover approximately 75 per cent of the people of Ambae (2123 evacuee families) displaced by the eruption of Monaro volcano will from the CTP. In addition, 571 host families from Santo who have been supporting evacuee families are also receiving support through the programme. The program will continue until end of February 2019.

Beneficiaries must be registered with the Oxfam in Vanuatu team based in Luganville, and those that have not done so should call the Oxfam office at the Chapuis Hill Area at 5366758 / 7317750.

Under Oxfam’s Cash Transfer Programme, assistance is being offered to Ambae people now living in Santo only. A Market Assessment is currently under way on Maewo to identify the best approach of launching the assistance there.

SOURCE: Oxfam in Vanuatu